Chiara Montali translator
Socia AITI

Why ME

I have trained specifically as translator, added value in the translation industry where improvisation is commonplace. Many people often feel justified in calling themselves “translators” for the simple fact of having attended a few language courses abroad and of having a good dictionary. In actual fact this is work which involves enthusiasm, consistency, ongoing training, an enquiring mind and the ability to carry out terminological research, etc. My diploma in translation and degree in languages have enabled me to lay the foundations in order to become a translator, together with varying periods of time spent abroad which have enabled me to improve my knowledge of languages and to gain first-hand experience of life in the particular country. Translation requires more than a dictionary, as texts often contain references to customs, products, etc. which cannot be translated correctly without knowledge of the relevant context.

I guarantee quality, accuracy and reliability, also the result of several years of hands-on experience which has enabled me to come into contact with different environments. Before accepting a job I assess various factors: whether I am able to translate the text, whether I can master the topic dealt with, whether I can reproduce its style accurately, whether the delivery times are feasible in order to guarantee a quality product and whether the proposed rate is sufficient for the work, mental effort and time to be dedicated to the translation. One of my guiding principles in translation is to seek at all times, as far as possible, to meet clients’ requirements. I therefore prefer to turn down a translation if not 100% certain of delivering a job with 100% quality. In the case of languages or subject areas which I do not cover I make every attempt to assist clients through direct contacts or referrals of colleagues with proven professional skills and who are known to me personally.

There are advantages in contacting a professional freelance translator: not only considerable savings, thanks to a more streamlined structure without overheads, but also the fact of having a single contact, present throughout the project, from the offer to final delivery, who can be contacted at all times, who is flexible and ready to meet clients half way in order to comply with their requirements. This flexibility and accessibility have allowed me to establish over the years a relationship with regular, trusted clients which goes beyond a simple working relationship but which has, step by step, been enriched with friendliness, understanding and mutual trust.